Project Financing

Tatonka Capital Corporation provides financing for projects for which the source of repayment emanates from the project itself. We recognize that many entities such as school districts, hospitals, military bases, large commercial organizations, and other institutions prefer to focus on their core business mission rather than operational concerns such as power generation or chiller and boiler services. While the quality and cost-effectiveness of energy products affects economic viability of operations, commissioning of labor and other resources can detract from the pursuit of an organization’s main focus.


Some examples of project financing include:

  • Energy services. District facilities often serve a cluster of government buildings, such as a central plant delivering chilled water and steam to one or more buildings clustered together. We can provide the funding for the energy services company to build the plant, then that company or another outside firm operates the facility for these hosts throughout the term. Tatonka administers billing and collection of usage payments that amortize the new construction and pay for ongoing operational costs;
  • Cogeneration. Large institutions such as hospitals, universities, etc., are huge consumers of energy. Often these institutions can reduce their energy costs through a mix of strategies (e.g., reciprocating and combustion engines). As discussed above, an outside firm can construct and operate the cogeneration system that is financed through Tatonka’s access to usage payments. From inception through operation, the system pays for itself. The host organization realizes improved cash flow due to reduced energy costs;
  • Waste to power. Increasingly, municipal landfills are seeking to harness the gas heretofore burned into the atmosphere to generate power for use and sale to the power grid. Tatonka realizes that such Green Power projects are not only economically desirable, but they also improve the quality of our environment.
  • Water and wastewater disposal systems. Tatonka Capital is committed to helping all of us enjoy water quality consistent with AWWA standards. Our value-added programs help the timely and cost-effective installation and implementation of water and wastewater treatment systems. Water treatment can include filtration systems, sedimentation removal systems, storage tanks and even desalinization plants. Real property can also be financed to include holding tanks, piping and other structures. Water districts can monitor usage of water consumption more readily with automated meter reading technology that can be financed.

As a value-added provider of financing, Tatonka Capital Corporation customizes the structure of project financings to address the specific needs of the developer, operator and host(s).