Contract Financing

Consistent with our successful strategy of providing innovative lease financing, Tatonka Capital recognized an unmet need in the community of vendors providing services to government agencies and commercial entities. Subsequently, Tatonka introduced a contract-financing product to meet the unique requirements of these clients. Vendors that have contracts with government or commercial entities may obtain financing by using the revenues from these contracts as collateral. The amount and term of the loan is based on the underlying contract and its revenues.

Specifically, Tatonka’s contract financing program:

  • Provides funding to small- and medium-sized contractors, such as Small Business Association (SBA) 8(a) firms, that require immediate capital when awarded commercial and federal prime- and sub-contracts
  • Provides capital that is often used for contract mobilization needs or as a bridge to the contractor’s next level of growth
  • Creates structured debt transactions, repaid by cash flow generated from the borrower’s assigned contracts
  • Features typical transactions that range from $300,000 to $1,500,000, with terms of nine to eighteen months

Tatonka is not a bank or venture capital firm. As a dynamic and growing finance company, we understand the challenges you may face in expanding your business. Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with decision makers who look at more than just your financial statements to determine your company’s potential for success. This financing may be all you need, or may simply complement other forms of financing you already have in place.